Love And Madness wrap bracelet

Love And Madness wrap bracelet

New York-based company Love And Madness has a fantastic Star Wars ‘opening crawl’ wrap bracelet available for pre-order. The black leather wrap bracelet measures approximately 3 feet long, and features every word of the opening crawl text from A New Hope. The bracelet is priced at US$50.00 each – these are scheduled to ship on April 15th. Unfortunately Love And Madness only have ‘United States’ and ‘United Kingdom’ as available shipping destinations, so international customers can only purchase via a mail redirection service.

I’ve tried emailing Love And Madness several times about shipping etc, but have never had a response. It’s a little disappointing, as they seem very active on social media. I love their range, but it’s frustrating finding a new brand you want to *buy all the things* from, but they don’t ship to your country. In any case, while this specific bracelet design is a limited run, there will be different colour combinations available in the future (silver/grey and rose gold/charcoal). Also, they plan to release one for each movie, featuring that film’s opening crawl, so you can collect them all!

Star Wars crawl wrap bracelet – US$50.00 each

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Love And Madness - Star Wars 'crawl' wrap bracelet Love And Madness - Star Wars 'crawl' wrap bracelet

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