Lightsaber stud earrings

The lightsaber stud earrings are now available from Han Cholo! Part of the Shadow Series of stainless steel jewelry, the lightsaber stud earrings feature a miniature sculpt of Obi-Wan’s lightsaber, with gold plating on the blade. They are priced at US$30 per pair – and also available in sterling silver for US$100 per pair (sterling silver items are made to order). These earrings match the ring and necklace that were recently released, and also go well with the Darth Vader lightsaber cuff. Han Cholo can ship within the US (free domestic shipping on orders over US$150), and to selected international countries.

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Han Cholo - lightsaber stud earrings Han Cholo - lightsaber stud earrings

Photos sourced from and belong to Han Cholo.