Her Universe Ahsoka Tano Faux Leather Jacket

Women's Her Universe x Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka Tano faux leather jacket

This new women’s Ahsoka Tano faux leather jacket is now available exclusively from Her Universe. Inspired by Ahsoka Tano’s Fulcrum outfit on Rebels, the faux leather jacket has an ‘everyday cosplay’ style. The slate colour jacket features plum coloured panels resembling Ahsoka’s armour plates, while the inside lining fabric features a blue and white pattern inspired by her togruta montrals. The design is finished off with a subtle Fulcrum symbol embroidered on the back.

“After walking away from the Jedi order in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, fans wondered whether Ahsoka survived Order 66, and if so, what she was doing. She surprised fans when she showed up on Rebels as Fulcrum, one of the leaders of the rebellion. Ahsoka is one of the strongest characters in Star Wars and I wanted to make this jacket to celebrate her and inspire fans to be powerful like Ahsoka when they wear it.” – Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano

Dress as our favorite Star Wars character, Ahsoka Tano, in this faux leather jacket inspired by her costume in Star Wars Rebels. The slate and plum faux leather jacket is accented with burnished silver hardware, including snaps on the collar, zipper closure hip pockets, the buckle on a removable belt and a center zipper closure. A Fulcrum symbol is discreetly embroidered on the center back and the blue and white satin lining is inspired by Ahsoka’s Lekku.

Available in women’s/junior’s sizing XS to 3X, the jacket is priced at Us$69.90 each – but is currently on sale for only US$55.92 each. Due to licensing restrictions, Her Universe can only ship Star Wars apparel within the US and Canada, but overseas customers can order via a mail forwarding/personal shopper service.

Women’s Ahsoka Tano faux leather jacket – US$69.90 each – sizes XS to 3X

Unfortunately the jacket is only available in women’s juniors sizing XS to 3X – not in extended plus sizes. Ashley Eckstein has explained that in order to keep the jacket exclusive to Her Universe, they are unable to meet minimum order quantities required for their factory to produce the additional plus size range. For a company that champions themselves as a leader in fangirl fashion, hopefully this was more of a mistake in communication, rather than a deliberate choice. As an international fan, I can’t order directly from Her Universe (as they don’t ship outside the US/Canada), but partner companies Hot Topic and Box Lunch can ship worldwide. I personally prefer that Her Universe don’t make exclusives, as it already cuts out a huge proportion of fans by not shipping their Star Wars fashion overseas (and not all fans can afford the international courier costs of mail forwarding companies).

Women's Her Universe x Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka Tano faux leather jacket Women's Her Universe x Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka Tano faux leather jacket

Women's Her Universe x Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka Tano faux leather jacket

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