Even more new items at Thinkgeek

Thinkgeek is really rolling out the Star Wars fashion for women! Yesterday I wrote about their new exclusive retro-style women’s Star Wars t-shirts, and today they have added even more tees! My favourite is the long sleeve casual Millennium Falcon top. Prices start at US$19.99, and include three in a Dia de los Muertos style.

Shop the new items here

Thinkgeek - Millenium Falcon long sleeve top Thinkgeek - X-Wing tee Thinkgeek - We Have Wookiees tee Thinkgeek - Kawaii Princess Leia tee

Thinkgeek - Wookiee Cookies tee Thinkgeek - It's a trap tee

Thinkgeek - Dia de Los Vader tee Thinkgeek - Dia de Los Boba tee Thinkgeek - Dia de Los Trooper tee

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