Eternal Tungsten x Star Wars rings

Eternal Tungsten - AT-AT ring (silver-tone finish)

US ring company Eternal Tungsten has released a collection of Star Wars rings. The collection includes 18 polished pipe cut style tungsten carbide rings – each ring features a Star Wars symbol or design, and are available in either a silver-tone or black finish. The choices for designs are –

Jedi Order symbol, Rebel Alliance symbol, Imperial symbol, Sith symbol, Mandalorian symbol, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, AT-AT’s, and Jabba the Hutt.

Of course I love the inclusion of the Jedi Order symbol, but it’s really cool to the see the classic Sith symbol there too! It’s not often used in apparel or accessories, it’s neat to see a company giving fans a specific Sith option, as I’ve always felt the Imperial symbol doesn’t accurately represent all sith. Also, Jabba the Hutt is a very unusable choice for a ring, but a fun inclusion – I suppose the Hutt Cartel are a faction too, with Jabba as one of the major leaders. The image shown on the Eternal Tungsten website for the black Rebel Alliance ring is incorrect, but hopefully they will upload the correct image soon.

The rings are all priced at US$134.99 each, and are available in ring sizes 6 to 14, including half sizes, and in five different widths (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10mm). Each ring is able to be customised with text or image engraving, for an additional fee (starting from US$20.00). Eternal Tungsten offers free shipping within the US, and they can ship internationally. Also, you can save US$35 off the Star Wars range with the code ‘SAVE35’, valid until April 24th. With nine symbol options, two colour/finish options, five widths, a huge size range and the ability to customise with engraving, these are a great addition to the Star Wars ring market.

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eternaltungsten_jediorderring1 eternaltungsten_rebelalliancering1 eternaltungsten_imperialring1

eternaltungsten_sithring1 eternaltungsten_mandalorianring1 eternaltungsten_darthvaderring1

eternaltungsten_chewbaccaring1 eternaltungsten_atatring1 eternaltungsten_jabbaring1

eternaltungsten_jediorderring2 eternaltungsten_imperialring2 eternaltungsten_sithring2

eternaltungsten_mandalorianring2 eternaltungsten_darthvaderring2 eternaltungsten_chewbaccaring2

eternaltungsten_atatring2 eternaltungsten_jabbaring2

Photos sourced from and belong to Eternal Tungsten.