Another Her Universe preview pic

Her Universe has posted another sneak peak photo on social media, showing some more of their upcoming Star Wars items! Ashley is wearing a black t-shirt with the text ‘Maison de Vader est 1977’, and in the background there are glimpses of a colourful astromech/R2-D2 pattern dress, a white tank top with a Darth Vader print against a background of grey roses, and another tank (or possibly dress?) featuring a colour image of R2-D2. The 2nd and 3rd tank tops on the rack are already available (black & white Darth Vader, and Tatooine), as is the Yoda scarf – but I’m not familiar with the two tops on the far left. Looking forward to seeing full images of these! The descriptions notes these are coming soon (Sept 28) as part of the HSN collection to raise funds for UNICEF – click here to read more about the partnership.

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Photo sourced from and belongs to Her Universe.