Sterling Silver Darth Vader Earrings

Sterling Silver Darth Vader Earrings

These Sterling Silver Darth Vader earrings are now available at ThinkGeek. The stud earrings feature a small 3D sculpt of Darth Vader’s helmet, with black accents for the lenses. The sculpt has a flat back, so they sit nicely against your ears when worn.

The earrings, which show off Darth Vader’s very dark eyes, are almost a half inch tall and are 3-dimensional on the front, showing all of Vader’s helmet details. The backs lie flat against your ears. The butterfly (friction) pushbacks are strong with these earrings, keeping them in place. This most impressive earring set comes in a fancy hinged Star Wars box with a flip lid.

The earrings are priced at US$39.99 per pair – ThinkGeek can ship internationally, which is great.

Sterling Silver Darth Vader stud earrings – US$39.99 per pair

Star Wars Sterling Silver Darth Vader helmet stud earrings jewelry at ThinkGeek

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