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The official Star Wars website has an interview article with Kay Jewelers about their Rogue One quartz necklaces. Inspired by Jyn Erso’s Kyber crystal necklace, Kay Jewelers created 2 jewelry versions – one in 14KT Rose gold with Diamonds, the other in 14K Rose Gold plated Sterling Silver. writer Kristin Baver spoke to Celina Chu, design manager for accessories at Star Wars product development, and her co-collaborator Moss Makhoulian, a designer of Star Wars jewelry available at Kay Jewelers. They talk about the design process, the symbolism of the necklace, and catering to female fans.

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…“We really wanted to stay true to the actual piece,” Makhoulian says. “I like odd shapes, so making this piece of jewelry was very natural. We just adhered to the shape of the actual piece as much as we could and made it as natural as possible.”…

…Chu envisioned her design as a gift to symbolize an enduring bond, something that could translate between siblings, lovers, or a mother gifting the memento to her own Stardust…

…Both necklaces were always intended more as homages than replicas, the designers say. “We really just wanted to take the essence of the necklace and translate it into jewelry,” Chu says. “We’re not really after the prop replica.”…

There is one small error in the article –

It’s too soon to tell if the collaboration will herald more high-end pieces nodding to the Star Wars saga, so our dreams of donning Princess Leia’s medal ceremony necklace may have to remain a fantasy.

Princess Leia’s ceremonial necklace was created by Bjorn Weckstrom for Lapponia, and was purchased as an off-the-shelf item prior to filming the scene in A New Hope. The artistic jewelry design belongs to Lapponia, and is still available to purchase direct from Lapponia and selected stockists. I have friends who own the Lapponia necklace (so jealous!), and while it does have a designer price point (being made from solid Sterling Silver), it is obtainable for fans who wish to own one.

At time of writing, the Kay Jewelers Rogue One gold plated necklace is currently not available online – though I hope they make more! There is certainly huge demand for Kyber crystal necklaces, and at this point Kay Jewelers is the only licensed company to make one. Not surprisingly, the more expensive solid gold version is still available – article about the Kyber crystal necklaces made by Kay Jewelers article about the Kyber crystal necklaces made by Kay Jewelers article about the Kyber crystal necklaces made by Kay Jewelers

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