Review – Slave Leia socks

I have a number of Princess Leia saved searches on ebay, and included in one of my daily emails was a listing for Slave Leia socks! I had never seen these before, so I hastily clicked the link to learn more. They were for sale from one of my bookmarked ebay stores of Star Wars items, so I did a routine check of their other listings, just to see if there was anything else new I might like. Sure enough, there was a listing for a second pair of Slave Leia socks of a completely different design, so I quickly bought both. When they arrived, I noticed the tag has HYP – the same distributors of the Star Wars socks I picked up at Celebration. Both Leia sock pairs are marked ‘shoe size 4-10’, and are officially licensed Lucasfilm products.

One pair features Slave Leia as seen in “His Vision Returns” by artist Chris Trevas (originally released as a limited edition art print available at Celebration VI), but the print is only on the front of the sock, the back is plain white. The second pair features a cross-stitch/pixel style picture of Slave Leia, which is part of the knitting, not printed on to the fabric like the first pair. These currently reside in my Slave Leia collection, so I haven’t cut the tags off and tested them out yet, but I hope to pick an extra pair or two for wearing too!

If you want to pick yourself up a pair, I got mine from SWseller on ebay

Slave Leia socks Slave Leia socks

Slave Leia socks Slave Leia socks