Review – Her Universe Jedi Knight cardigan

Review – Her Universe Jedi Knight cardigan

In August last year, Her Universe released a mini collection of Star Wars apparel, with a ‘Back To School’ theme. Her Universe used the classic ‘jedi training’ theme as a Star Wars version of school, with Yoda as the featured character. Being a big fan of jedi-themed apparel, I picked up three items from the collection – the ‘Jedi Knight’ cardigan, the ‘Jedi In Training’ top, and the Yoda print scarf.

Today’s review features the ‘Jedi Knight’ cardigan – it is usually priced at US$40.00 each (+US$2.00 for plus sizes). At the time of writing, it is currently available from Her Universe in sizes XS and 2X/3X – and it’s also US$10 off as part of Her Universe’s sale!

J is for Jedi. Earn your letter while training to become a Jedi Knight! Imagine that your school or workplace is like the Jedi Temple and you are training to be a Jedi Knight! This super comfortable, lightweight boyfriend style cardigan is perfect for all occasions.

Her Universe - Jedi Knight cardigan Her Universe - Jedi Knight cardigan

The cardigan is made from a t-shirt-weight dark grey heather knit fabric, which is 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon. The fabric has a nice drape to it, and stretches well. The front has a low v-neckline that flows into the button strip – there are six pearlescent buttons (with an extra button sewn inside, as a spare). There are two pockets sewn onto the front, which is always a nice addition for women’s apparel. This is a lightweight cardigan, not really intended for cold winter weather. I find it really comfy to wear, and it’s already a regular in my wardrobe.

I bought mine in size XS – it measures approximately 42cm across the chest (underarm to underarm), approximately 35.5cm across the lower hem, approximately 56cm from back neckline to lower back hem, and the sleeves measure approximately 52cm long from shoulder seam to cuff edge.

Her Universe - Jedi Knight cardigan Her Universe - Jedi Knight cardigan

The front of the cardigan features two small prints – a large yellow and grey letter ‘J’ printed on the upper left, and the yellow text ‘Jedi’ printed on the upper right. The back has a large central yellow print, featuring the text ‘Jedi Knight’, ‘Legendary Defenders of the Republic’, and the Jedi Order symbol with the quote ‘May the Force Be With You’ in ‘basic’ (English) and Aurebesh. The print on the back has a slight weathered effect, so it stretches well with the fabric. The prints on the front are thicker – the large ‘J’ won’t stretch without cracking the print, but the front prints are in areas less prone to stretching when wearing the cardigan.

I love the use of a general Jedi theme for this cardigan – a lot of Star Wars apparel features a specific character, rather than a group/faction. I love the ‘in world’ feel of this cardigan – blending the Jedi Academy with real world schools/colleges. I have a few items of Jedi Order symbol jewelry, which go really well with this cardigan – it also looks great with lightsaber-themed accessories! All too often, the Jedi Order symbol is mixed in with the Rebel Alliance and Imperial symbols – it’s nice to see the Jedi Order featured on it’s own.

Her Universe - Jedi Knight cardigan


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