Loungefly Rebel Imperial Logo Backpack

Loungefly Rebel Imperial Logo Backpack

Show your love for both the Rebels and Imperials with this awesome Loungefly x Star Wars backpack. Now available at ThinkGeek, the backpack features an all-over repeating print of the Rebel Alliance ‘starbird’ and Galactic Empire ‘cog’ symbols.

The website listing notes this is made from nylon, whereas in the photo it looks like denim, so this may be a ‘printed like denim’ style item.

Sporting both the Rebel and Imperial crests, this backpack may show your love for Star Wars, but it’s sure to confuse everyone – friends and enemies. But maybe that’s your whole thing – being an enigma; a person of mystery. Embrace it and keep them guessing.

The backpack is priced at US$49.99 each – ThinkGeek can ship internationally.

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Loungefly x Star Wars Rebel Imperial Logo Backpack at ThinkGeek

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